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Programmatic Selling

Innovation is a central element of our company history and its culture. For this reason, since the founding of YOC, we have placed great importance on using the most advanced technologies. We translate these new, forward-looking technologies into sustainable concepts for our partners, creating long-term added value.

Programmatic media trading means profiting from the efficiency
of a global advertising marketplace. With the help of our expertise, you can benefit from our exclusive cooperations with leading media agency trading platforms (so-called private marketplaces). Work with us to gain new, additional clients worldwide by using open auctions (so-called OpenRTB).

Our experienced teams on site allow us to not only manage facilities and sales, but also to take over regular controlling of fill rates and billing for your entire mobile inventory. By jointly developing black/white lists, we ensure that your inventory reaches the right clientele. To optimise your long term advertising revenue, we provide you with active support for your individually successful price strategy, as well as your preferred degree of transparency and visibility.