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Tracking & Reporting

YOC supports all standard tracking and reporting metrics. These include:

  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Ad Spend, etc.
  • According to the IAB Standard all VAST 2.0 – Video AdServer compatible reporting metrics such as View Progress in quartiles, Un-/Mute, Play/Resume, etc.

Additionally, we offer special reporting on YOC Ad formats, e.g.

  • Interactions in specific ad areas (e.g. click on map) 
  • Progress of replay (in quartiles) for the YOC Interactive Video Ads
  • Interactions with the YOC Cube Ad
  • And many more

For performance campaigns, we additionally offer download tracking and thereby support relevant market participants.

Our reporting is compatible with all established third party providers in the tracking sector, so that our clients can measure regular campaign metrics in a transparent way. If you wish, we would be pleased to provide separate tracking options for you.

Upon request we compile comprehensive market research studies. In cooperation with our reputable partners, we carry out on-the-fly surveys and supply the results in a summarised study.