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YOC targeting technologies offer advertisers user profiling filtered according to interests and socio-demographic criteria within the entire YOC network.
Independent of the content currently being viewed, you can limit target groups according to interest categories. The YOC Media network has a comprehensive reach in European markets and covers all 24 main advertising categories of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe).
The combination of interests and socio-demographic criteria reduces waste coverage und increases the efficiency of mobile campaigns. For branding goals in particular, advertisers can reach suitable target groups within the premium environments covered in YOC’s portfolio, thereby minimizing waste coverage.

Advertisers can book the following targeting options at YOC:

  • Inventory targeting offers you granular targeting on specific channels for special verticals, dedicated placements, placement groups, URLs and much more.
  • According to bandwidth and internet connections such as Wifi or 3G.
  • According to weekdays and times of the day: e.g. Mondays to Fridays or only in the morning, etc.
  • Mobile communications provider targeting: only address users of one operator, for example, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange or o2.
  • Targeting according to a client domain. For example, organise your advertising in a university Wifi network.
  • Geo-targeting: select according to states, federal states, cities or post codes. This feature is available in Germany and Great Britain.
  • Hyperlocal /Geo-fencing: Targeting in supermarkets, cafés or in public places.
  • Device targeting: you can align your targeting with the following criteria: manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung, HTC), model (e.g. iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4), browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome), operating system (e.g. iOS, Android), tablet or smartphone and according to functionality (e.g. telephone function).




YOC offers different options for re-targeting. Based on advertiser ID lists that can either be provided by the client or generated with our information, we can address users post-view or post-click. During post-view re-targeting, the user is addressed after a certain advertising medium has been seen. During the post-click procedure re-targeting is triggered only after a certain advertising medium has been clicked on. In doing so, additional criteria can be defined, for example, frequency of contacts during a period of time

Audience Targeting

YOC Audience Targeting offers international advertising companies the possibility to address target groups transnationally and precisely. YOC Audience Targeting provides the selection of target groups according to socio-demographic characteristics such as gender, age group or e.g. household net income.