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Programmatic Buying

YOC is a partner that makes the difference for your mobile media buying be it branding, awareness or response campaigns. Reach your desired target groups using a sustainable combination of 1st and 3rd party traffic, paired with our many years of experience in mobile advertising.

With our YOC trading desk business approach, we are consolidating our position as the leading innovator in the mobile premium segment using. Through programmatic buying of mobile premium inventory and the combination of powerful, state-of-the-art RTB technologies with high-performing audience data targeting, we achieve maximum levels of efficiency for your campaigns.

Our system gives advertisers the choice between different, granular targeting options such as, e.g. geofencing, re-targeting and re-engagement technologies. We make very high demands on the quality of our mobile inventory, and as a driving force in the market, play a decisive role in the development of Premium Programmatic.

Profit from our flexible billing models and precise controlling for performance and brand campaigns. Detailed reports including all KPIs relevant to business form part of our range of services and help to maximise your ROI.